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Occupying State of Mind

For those days they called us a mistake, those times we were said to walk in vain, we know we have a goal and we have to keep marching in. Two historical weeks in the lives of Nigerians followed by a hollow day that the NLC and its gay partner TUC decided to complete the cycle of mistrust that characterises the national body.

It’s hugely depressing and totally disappointing that the call for good governance would seem to have been submerged by the bodies we thought would fight for our right. Transparency, rule of law and its cousins had left the country long ago and their wicked step mom(whom you know by firstname) had stepped up to the plate. Occupy Nigeria was birthed to fight corruption and will always do so. It may have looked like the movement has lost the battle, but the occupy movement is a state of mind, we don’t die we multiply and we will win the war. I wasn’t part of those that started it, but we all know our country needs a sweep through to chase the crazy bald heads out of town. The struggle can’t be said to be exactly fruitful, lots of lives were lost and petrol price increased by N32 with absolutely no rational. Didn’t NLC get the N65 or nothing’ memo?

But how long will we let this burn, how long will we let sentiments and ethnicity cloud our judgement of things? In the thick of the protest, some people still found reasons from their infinite depth of foolishness to hate the movement. It’s really sad. To move forward as a country, we need to cleanse the system. It begins with you and I. Occupy your mind and free it from corruption; it will grow into an aura and affect those around you. Yes, good can be contagious. Not only cough has that capacity.

We’ve been pushed down to our knees; we’ve been bruised right to the point of breaking that we couldn’t take it. But we will get back to our feet. We have bled and we have the scars to prove it, we have grown balls as a people and I pray we have the heart no to lose it. We have been proverbially gang raped as a people and have been violated of our rights, but we will rise through the ashes of betrayal and fight for our own rights. They have all the right friends in all the right places; we have all the right moves in all the right spaces, and we know who is going down.

The fight against corruption continues, the fight for good governance continues, the fight for a better future for our children continues. Do not keep quiet! Rant till you are heard from even the rat holes. We have come of age and the snitches don’t have anything on us. We are more than we are, we are citizens of this great country and we have a voice. We have been let down again by the same generation that have refused to stand up for themselves and we have found ourselves in the soup bowl again.

I will always treasure the days I joined the protest in Ojota; the crowd, the atmosphere, the yearnings of the people for good living. It will be a memory in my heart and the picture will be shown to my kids as the time we defied all odds and opined about the down trodden truth. Untouchable memories.

We do what we do, we march on. It’s a state of mind; we don’t die, we occupy!