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Omo Ghetto Review (Albeit over a year late)

I’m not one of those ‘I don’t watch Nigerian movies’ kinda people. I do watch them, in almost equal proportion as I watch foreign movies. Seriously, they have Denzel Washington and we have erm, Yemi Solade; Touché. Worthy of note and probably commendation is OMO GHETTO; call me medieval or out of sync, it was my lullaby yesterday as I slept in an ocean of ‘stop sebe’, ‘para’ amongst others.

Yeah, I like the way the story started. The whole anger thing may seem alien, but it does happen in people of colour too. The fact that Funke Akindele actually played the ghetto girl that awesomely is a very good one. Lefty, Nicky, Busty and Omo jo Ibo all did their part in showing the other side of life you don’t wanna be against. Ireti Osayemi really looked out of her depth; there is no trace of gangsterism in her ‘mamarism’ (pardon my invention of new words). The slum board was complete with Adebayo Salami; my word, that man knows what he is doing, never broke a sweat in playing the role of ‘Someone else’s father’ and the part where he sang like an iPod shows that he knew those things before the production.

Let’s come to the other side of being that you won’t mind being in, the two families of the guy and the girl. The dramatic way the smashing girl broke everything, you would feel she had a future in the quarry. Imagine focusing all those negative energy into splitting boulders, she would make a name and a decent living out of it. It was in equal proportions as things were done in moderation. I’ve never been a big fan of Funke Akindele, but she seems to pray the roles of derelicts or dysfunctional humans perfectly; I’m not insinuating anything here. And Yinka Quadri does know how to play the role of an angry father well; I still remember the young him and the slim Peju Ogunmola. I’m that old.

What I find quite disturbing and slightly amusing is the fact the slum/ghetto actually exists. Why on earth do people have to live that low, not disrespecting them, but I think they have as much right as the people that have opportunity to decent livings. The Omo ghettos of this world actually are voters’ card carrying citizens that should be treated like others but when you see the kinda environment they leave in, you will shake your head about the future of the ones birthed there. Is there any hope for them, do they have a chance of doing something ‘out of their league’. We’ve seen people rise out of the dusts to become kings, but are the packs of alpha males leading us blind to the fact that some people are living at a level where diseases and death seem like their next door neighbour? Some things have to change, else the lower lives will keep suffering and the higher ones will keep enjoying (and annoyingly whining too) and after a period of time the lower will become a terror to the higher and the cycle continues.

The part where them Lefty and the girls went to pour shite on the UNILAG girls, priceless!!