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To unwrap your food

The time was 6:45, just when the sun was going down over the west wing of the city, but with enough residual illumination to remind you it was longer day and shorter night; or as Stella had planned, a very long night.

The ambience in the room was cool, the light was a little dim and the temperature was just right. She sat at the edge of the bed, her legs folded as she looked up at her tease. She had rid herself of her short gown in seconds, leaving bare her red undies as they clung daintily to her smooth body; red up top, red way down, she favoured the fiery look for the feisty moment. Her man was tall, heavy like a tank and every movement he made seductively created a void inside her that needed filling. He was a boss: He was her boss.

David was fully clad in his corporate wear, an hour before that was when he left the office. He paced in even movements, moving to shut the window blinds, gazing at her in flashes; moving his hips, licking his lips and smiling all at the same time. He turned on the music on his iPhone, placed it on the table and proceeded to sit by her side at the edge of the bed. She stopped him before he could sit, being face to face with him.

“I want to unwrap you like a shawarma and eat you bit by bit” she said as she put her two little palms on his chest. She moved closer, swirling her waist closer to his; nibbling his ears and whispered in sultry tone to him “Just enjoy it boss, enjoy it”. He intended to. The visual stimulation was not enough for her, she wanted total consummation. Strip by strap of clothing she started undressing him, she pulled his face to her neck to undo his tie, then she whined to the slow music unbuttoning each button one after the other; grinning deviously and breathing heavily. She’d always imagined having him, her chance showed.

Done with the buttons, Stella slipped her hands down his hands to undo the cuff links and with her fingers spread from his shoulders; she took the shirt off slowly, touching his body as she did. He giggled, she did too. Then in a fast pace she flew open the flap of his trousers to conclude the unwrapping of him, she picked the zipper.

“Are you going to stare at your fufu all afternoon or eat like a normal person?!” shouted her colleague who was seated beside her, almost done with her own leaf wrapped fufu. “You’re lost in thought again? Don’t let it affect your work this afternoon biko, don’t get carried away in this place o”

Her lunch break would be over in a quarter of an hour, she had spent the first quarter daydreaming about food in suits. Stella desperately wanted to unwrap her boss. She needed to.