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Alive to be happy

If you live where I live, you would be able to identify with the words in my head. You probably know how it feels; every day the same, a repetitive cycle of redundancies. Some hate their life, some hate their job and some even hate the government; albeit that being permissible. But it is dangerous to drift through life without a smile to brighten the corner where you are. We live mechanical lives, having neither smiles, sparks nor sparkles. It’s almost like King Xerxes is forcing some to live, especially my friends in the banks, to whom I hold much pity.

There is more to life than we seem to know, there is immense depth of happiness waiting to be explored and enjoyed. People have long lost the purpose of life itself; we don’t even keep pets anymore: I miss my dog. Some live for the money and when it dries up, they become a pathetic specimen of what they used to be. If you’re not happy with your life, you can change it: Today.

Enjoy every single day of your great life. Take time to relax, everyone need it sometimes; close your eyes, breathe the air again. Take walks with your pets or loved ones and look around you; enjoy the wild outdoors, you will see amazing things; you will see the world smiling back at you.

For the sake of sanity, visit your family; I know a great deal of people who do not do this because of all the wrong reasons yet to enter the books. Visit them, you will make them happy; we tend to forget that while we are busy growing up, our parents are growing old. Do something for your body, sports or healthy foods would do just fine; that do not include shawarma or whatever those fast food places take your money for. Dream big, if you believe, it can become true; remember thoughts become things.

Be positive, be honest, if you see anyone without a smile, give them one of yours. It’s your life, enjoy the beauty of your seduction, and learn to put love into everything you do. Never wear colour blocking clothes, never do duck face and keep your emotions in the clubhouse. I really hate recent fashion trends. And don’t take pictures in bathrooms, please I’m begging.

Cherish every moment, every time you see a loved could be the last time you will. Remember that and treasure every passing second. It’s ok to cry. Soon the ‘whys’ and the reasons will be gone and all that will be left is the feeling.

No stress, you’re alive to be happy.


Your Beauty

Shyness, that was what it was thought to be; inability to look straight into the eye of another human and tell the person what sits deep in your mind, inability to speak to a person and hit the deepest part of who they truly are because of fear. It wasn’t shyness in her case, it was insecurity.

“Beauty: excelling in grace or form, charm or colouring, qualities which delight the eye and call forth the admiration of the human face or other objects.”

She has the beauty to brighten up the darkness, but her fears make her bury it deep beneath the shadows. Her reserve of wisdom is so vast it could teach a generation, so deep it can never be exhausted, yet she bridles her tongue and bites every word before it even nears the exits of her curvy lips. Haven been told over and over again that all anyone could possibly want from her is her beauty and her wisdom, it became imperative for her to guard herself against the wolf that she had been warned of. The wolf that only exist proverbially: the victimless wolf that has kept her butterfly from flying.

She’s not proud, but she’s timid. Afraid she’ll say something wrong. Her loud heart has been tamed by the stories created around her. In a world where the truth is forbidden, convenient fabrications have sharpened how she lives her life. She’s even afraid to use her face as profile pictures; ashamed of her flawless beauty.

You’ll find her at the back of the line, looking away insecurely or walking on the edges, being wary of every crawling gecko, suspicious of even the orgasmic sound of a mating wasp. Yet it would be erroneous to blame her, she has done no wrong, just living the life that society has designed. If only she knew better, she would live her life to the fullest and flaunt herself to the benefit of the world. If only she knew her beauty weighs more than the size of a bullet and it’s a blessing unto the world and not something to be ashamed of, then she would rule her world. She would dominate and let her aura influence those around her.

They say beauty does not last, but I decline. It’s transgenerational and could outlast whoever is wearing it. Beauty isn’t a thing that is only externalised; it’s also a sum of the internal. All she knows is that she’s wanted for only her beauty, but I wish she knew that someone out there would love her even if she had wicked scarification on her body. I wish she knew she was created that way to be a light on the bacon. If the world doesn’t get to hear her story, would she influence the world? I doubt. She’ll be stuck in silence except she decides to speak up. Someone should save her with these words “your beauty is your blessing, not your curse.”