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Follow Back

You’re beautiful and you know it.

Singularly, you look like the proverbial white unicorn that has shiny white hair on the back and is all too awesome to be real. You are real. Tall, beautiful; face like a model and a body like a bottle. Long curly hairs crown a beauty-full face that stings the eyes with stunning appeal as the hair runs a few kilometres into the rest of your body. You’re every lady’s dream of envy and the emphatic torture of every man; you literally live up to that specification.

You get your kicks from the fact that you know that we know you are out of our league; yes, ‘our’, I’m not alone. You sashay pass like a fly by a cake, almost oblivious to the fact that my presence actually poses potential weight and definitely occupies space. I refuse to be scared by these antics, because you’ve done it over and over again that arrogance has come next to your breathing. Generally, it is believed that unparalleled beauty brings pride that borders on self-idolation; this belief holds true. You ride on your high horse, you’ve built a wall so high that only you and your horse can get a way through; but what your hottie haughtiness never saw coming was me, with a ladder and a juggernaut.

Special is how you want to feel, unattainable is the standard you wish to set, but under all of the pretentiousness lies a layer of internal fragility; that, in the shadows and thick darkness, scares you to your core, but you wear an air of pride as a shield. It comes across as belligerent cockiness. Your avalanche of inadequacies is ever looming around you and they do not even remotely seduce me. Rather, they bore me. Your constant banally flow of how hard to get you are, the wig you often don to cover the brittleness of your receding hairline, the long sleeves you wear to cover the unappealing burn on your right arm or the blush you wear without consideration for your skin colour.

You’re had me wrapped around your finger.

Get down the high horse, pull the wall down or let down a rope. You’re probably going to end up a bitter forever-alone person if your aura impassionately shoves fear even in the strongest hearted. I can see that beneath the strong brave beautiful outlook is a shy calm little girl that wants to be rocked on a swing, be told sweet things and be made to feel like the centre of the solar system. I want to reach out and touch you in the deepest part of who you truly are.

Pardon my use of words, I could get reckless sometimes. All I need from you now is a follow back, I’m already following you.