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Twisted Escape

The customary sound of his car security was enough to alert the neighbourhood of his presence. The loud annoying sound he so used to detest became the kingly horn that announced his arrival at places he was known. With the gate open and the security man nowhere to be found, his whole package was only going to get a lot finer. He turned to look at the backseat as he undid his seatbelt, a surge of pride and satisfaction went from the sweat on his face to the chill at the base of his spine. She had never been a fan of surprises, but he wanted a new twist to their romance. Pour a little oil to the frying pan to ignite a burning surface.

Burdened by his sweat soaked shirt, he felt heavy with the live white rose bouquet on his right hand while his Sekonda wrist watch on his left wrist helped hold the new handbag he bought, setting him back the price of a fairly used car. He smiled as he walked along, forming Mr Romantic all the way. As he approached her door, he heard his favourite song, ‘Red light’ by TLC. Closed his eyes, clenched his lips, he nodded to the beat of the song as he knew she was already in the mood. Royal epicness was waiting for him. With his personal key he opened, to behold the consternation of having a romantic evening destroyed by a force never planned for.

Her toned arms were up in the air, with her long black hair flowing to her yellow back as a firm hairy masculine hand gripped her just below the ribs. She was moving in circles, but it was only her lower body, as she was seated like she was on a yoga spot; but she was seated on another man’s yoga spot with her hands held up like she was expecting some healing. He was shocked! As the loud music and overtly erotic atmosphere made it impossible for them to even be cognisant of his presence. He heard him moan like a retard king and she like the queen. It was a moment of shock, one that would not even let his reflex drop what were in his hands.

Without violence or wailing, without attention, he turned and walked out of the lonely door. The three meter walk from the door to his car seemed like a trip between Lekki and Berger. A million thoughts ran through his head and none was pleasant. His guilty pleasure has been violated; his sweet escape from the harsh unpleasant reality he lived in had been compromised. She was the only sweetness in his sour life and he trusted her with all that he was, all that was within him; his mistake. A pocket perforating apartment in the heart of the Island, a car only a few notches from his car, he made her life comfortable and thought he had sole exclusivity.

As he reluctantly ignited his car to leave, he saw her face through the window with tears welled up in her eyes. But the rather disproportionate anger and disappointment in him pushed the car through the gears and out of the compound. He would put an end to his misery; it had already ended in his head. He turned and twisted and got himself to his lawyer’s place after some kamikaze displays behind the wheels. Without any pleasantries, he made his point in an unclear manliest tearful voice “This would probably not make sense to you, I just caught my girlfriend cheating on me and I’m a very torn man on the inside. But first I need your help, I want to divorce my wife.”